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Experience Excellence With ALHADAF

The Premier Medical Supplier

ALHADAF translates in Arabic as TARGET.
It is a competent, professional and dynamic Libyan establishment that targets provision of medical supply services from renowned international manufacturers to healthcare facilities, private and public, across the entire country.

With ALHADAF, all of your needs are met quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, in the most cost-effective manner.

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ALHADAF  is a well-rounded company with a clear mission and strategy that will enable us to sustain growth well into the future. Our mission is to provide outstanding service in order to become your primary wholesale distributor of popular and hard-to-find medical supplies. We provide the technologies, programs and value-added services that help customers reduce expenses, while improving service and quality. All of our products must pass our strict quality control test, assuring that we are providing our clients with the safest and most efficient products on the market.

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We aim at providing a professional specialized service of high standard. This includes registration, technical assistance, logistics, marketing, promotion, purchasing, importation, sales and distribution. All refer to pharmaceuticals, laboratory consumables, consumer healthcare products and medical equipment.


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صلاح الدين بجانب ابن النفيس - طرابلس 

Post Code: 12168​

Tel: +218213619323



Fax: +218213611358

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