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Use intelligent pre-set programs to

automatically treat your aches and pains.


With its intelligent pre-programmed treatments the E4 is our most advanced model and includes a ‘Hypermode’ setting which gradually increases treatment intensity to the level you want. With a large display, settings are very easy to adjust.


And you can even change settings (e.g. pulse rate) for individual pads to concentrate treatment where you need it most.

copy of Omron E4 Professional

    • 12 Automatic Treatment Programs
    • 6 Different Treatment Zones. The ‘Region’ button allows you to choose particular areas of your body to work on (e.g. shoulders, sole, calf,and lower back).
    • Adjustable Pulse Rate
    • High Frequency
    • Low Frequency


    What is in the box?

    • Electronic Nerve Stimulator
    • Set of Long Life Pads
    • Long Life Pad Holder
    • Soft Fabric Pouch
    • 2 AAA (LR03) Batteries
    • Instruction Manual
    • Warranty Card

    Drug-Free Pain Relief

    OMRON’s Pain Relievers help* you to relieve your pain symptoms, drug-free. It is based on TENS technology. It helps to:

    • block the pain message
    • stimulate the release of endorphins (=natural pain killers)
    • improve the blood circulation (as result of repeated muscle contraction and muscle relaxation)
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